Welcome to the School of the Anointing

Unlocking Bible’s Hidden Treasures Through Anointing Oils




Our Mission

At the School of the Anointing, we aim to enrich your life through the profound God-designed wisdom of anointing oils. 

Full-Year Program

Delve deep into the world of anointing oils with our comprehensive year-long journey. Discover the God-design of anointing oils, connect with like-minded individuals, and embrace personal growth.

Once-Off Workshops

While valuable, they offer just a taste of our wisdom. The full-year program provides in-depth knowledge, certification, lasting connections, and holistic transformation.

Why choose us

Expert Instructors

Learn from Dr. Eunicé as your expert with 22 years of experience in anointing oils and biblical wisdom.


Join a supportive community of learners and teachers, fostering lasting connections.

Practical Skills

Gain hands-on experience creating and using anointing oils for various purposes.

Biblical Insights

Explore the hidden treasures within the Bible’s anointing oils.


Receive a certificate recognizing your expertise upon program completion.

Personal Growth

Embrace this unique and fragrant holistic approach to well-being and spiritual growth.

Business Opportunities

During the second and third year of the school, you will discover how to turn your passion for oils into a business venture.

Join Us Today and Begin Your Journey

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