MYRRH, founded in 2001, is a multi-faceted transformation program with the focus on helping people to reshape their lives through Biblical Truths, with God as their Guide and Source, from pain to power and mess to message!

Eunicé van der Merwe, founder of MYRRH discovered that her own perspective on suffering, bitterness and pain (after a divorce) totally changed as she stumbled on the awesome revelation of the analogy of myrrh as described in Song of Solomon 1:13:

“My beloved [shepherd] is to me like a [scent] bag of myrrh that lies in my bosom.” Ampl.

The ancient Hebrew word for myrrh is ‘mar’, meaning “bitter”. Myrrh was one of the most valuable commodities in Biblical times and therefore, along with gold and frankincense as chosen gifts, made a wise choice to welcome the King of KINGS!

Myrrh represents our bitterness and pain, but the other side of the coin must also be true: your pain (myrrh) has great value in the eyes of Jesus. Only the healing hands of God can transform your scars into stars!

MYRRH, under the leadership of Eunicé provides Nationwide training and workshops to audiences big and small.


1. Myrrh-aculous Myrrh and

2. Healing oils from the Bible

Eunicé’s PhD (Management) was obtained in August 2020 with in-depth research on the concept of ‘Prophetic wellness’; proving that greater success can be achieved in living a life of well-being when incorporating essential and anointing oils.

MYRRH’s sister company, Myrrh Beauty & Wellness provides 25 different anointing oils as well as Essential oils and related Bible-based beauty products.


1. Many programs dealing with the Botany of the Bible, presented by Eunicé has already been broadcast and/or published by various media houses including programs of Radio Pulpit with Estè Geldenhuys, Pretoria FM with Karen Zeelie, Impact Radio with Angela Reed, Cross Watch programs with Carol Singleton, JUIG Magazine as well as Finesse magazine.

2. One Minute Inspirations was done for the popular television show, Die Groot Ontbyt (KykNET 144).